Intimate storytelling that deeply connects us.

Awakening the Body and Mind Podcast creates conversations that are honest, raw and vulnerable so that a deep insight into the life of each storyteller is gained.

Often guests share how they are helping others and now making a difference to the world in a unique way, after overcoming a period of adversity, emotional turmoil or a mental illness.

The content is engaging, with a focus of revealing the depths of personal growth and transformation; lessons learnt from this difficult period and insights gained that have since allowed the interviewee to create or contribute to the world in an innovative way. 

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The podcasts are a source of inspiration as storytellers reveal how they managed to move past their suffering and even use it to project them into new areas of their life.

Their pain was the alchemy to new beginnings. They filled the gaps in the places that were missing for them. Many share the courage that this took. 


Is this podcast for you?

If you’re looking to understand yourself better and have an interest in self-awareness and growth, stories include physical, mental and emotional practical tools that can be practiced while listening. 

The episodes are presented in a non-medical, with minimal jargon fashion and in an easy way to process and implement. Experts are asked to explain concepts for the everyday person to understand.  They are also asked to just be themselves!

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We need story like we need breathing.
We need to remember our story.
We need to accept our story.
We need to gift our story.
We need to speak our story.
We need to understand that we hold the unyielding power to rewrite our story from here.
Always and always that we own our story.
Then, in the present and beyond.
We ARE story.
It is a tragedy to forget this.
The sheer alchemical power your story holds.
— Victoria Erickson